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All uniYoon's workshops are accompanied by professional musiciens


Sabar, the energetic, elegant traditional dance from Senegal, is a blast and the way to celebrate life. Workshops are proposed for both professionals/experienced sabar dancers and dance enthousiasts.

Every workshop is based around one of the rythms of Sabar and is ALWAYS accompagnied by the best Senegalese musicians.

Technique Acogny

"The Mother of African Contemporary Dance", Maman Germaine Acogny, has created this only codified African Modern dance technique. Technique Germaine Acogny is African and Western dance techniques merging together. It is a very specific, rhytmic and elegant dance.


uniYoon's Ise is one of the few artists in the world qualified, by Germaine Acogny herself, to teach this technique.


For more information about the Technique Germaine Acogny please go to Acogny


The Kora is a traditional instrument from the SeneGambia-region.

It is also called " The African Harp".


During this workshop you will learn the base  of playing this beautiful intsrument. Eventually there will also be learned how to play solo.


Based on Technique Germaine Acogny with floorwork, lucious movements, jumps and turns and focus on spinal movements.


Djembé is the best known dance from West-Africa. As all African dances, it has a great cultural  and historical componant. During this workshop the newest forms based on this tradition will be learned. Great moment for a lot of fun and new insights in this  artform.


                  Sabar || Djembé

Sabar is the name of the instrument, rythms and the dance. This instrument is played with one stick and your hand.

The Djembé is an instrument played with two hands. Even though they are completely different, for both of the instruments counts that the workshops are accompanied by songs and explications about the origin of the rythms.  A fun, rhytmic challenge!


This workshop is a way to experience what you have seen during the performances of uniYoon. You will work with the dancers and choreographers of the company to feel this specific uniYoon touch.

African dance and Music for Kids

These workshops are espacialy dedicated to children. It is an intiation into the exciting world of African dance and music through tales, guided by professional artists and qualified pedagogues. Since education, pleasure and physical development knows no age, these workshops are ajusted to the level of the children/youngsters. For sweating and great fun!