uniYoon || Productions

Dadje Ci Kumpa

Dadje Ci Kumpa (Meeting in the unknown) is a collaboration of three dancers and four musicians. Being all immigrants, or better 'world citizens', they share with the audience their (mis-)understanding for eachother and their longing to be rooted.






Dance || Choreography:

Ibou Biaye || Laye Serrere || Ise An Verstegen

Music || Composition:

Sadio Cissokho ||Sankoum Cissokho || Mamour Seck ||Papa Thioune

Duration: 50 min. - 1 hour


Moy Lo Lou

This Dance Theatre piece by uniYoon is a clash between man and woman, heavy and light, Africa and Europe, to find a fusion that is representative for the world of today and the near future.


An energetic and explosive performance that tempts you to move your feet.





Laye Serrere || Ise An Verstegen || uniYoon

Duration: 40 min.


Temps Boy

"I didn't sleep well. The wind blew around the rooftopterrace and I heard the noises coming from the suburbs of Dakar. I woke up early to get water at the source nearby. Like I did every day before going to school. Until I dropped out..."


Laye Serrere is expressing to you his life story, struggles and joy, and therefor his love for dance and music.



Laye Serrere || uniYoon

Duration: 20 min.

Nuy Demm

Without doubt she goes. Fearless, or... Naive?


In the process towards this solo uniYoon's Ise has been experimenting with her gaigned knowledge about the Technique Germaine Acogny, during her studies at Ecoles des Sables, the transmission of Technique Germaine Acogny, for three years. This resulted in a piece about womanhood and liberty.




Ise An Verstegen || uniYoon

Duration: 25 min.