uniYoon || Ise An Verstegen

As a world traveling dancer, Ise has roots in multiple places. In her work as artistic

director of the company uniYoon she is bringing these roots together.

She is the one of the few dancers in the world who are qualified to teach technique Acogny. Internationally she is teaching masterclasses and workshops about this technique in multiple

dance academies and festivals and at l’Ecole des Sables. She is co­-creater of the organization LANLA, which organizes workshops and events about the technique Acogny. Besides this, Ise is a qualified performer and teacher for all levels and ages in different styles.

Ise has worked among other with Germaine Acogny (Jant­Bi), Patrick Acogny (Jant­Bi), Nita Liem (Don't Hit Mama), Jopie de Groot (AHK), Hervé Rumeau,  Marijke Eliasberg and Jana Hicks

(TNSP), and James Carlès (Cie James Carlès).